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River and Canal trips  
2008 -  Haricot goes to France for the first time, Laroche to Decize to Nevers to St Mammas to Moret to Laroche.
550 Km & 200 plus locks
Haricot goes to France
2009 - Migennes return via L'Yonne, Seine, Loing,Canal de Briare,Canal Lateral A Loire, Nivernais & L'Yonne July - August ,same ring as 2008 but anti clockwise Yonne , Loire Nivernais ring
2010 - Canal de Bourgogne - Migennes to Pont d'Ouche and back, we were to do a oneway to St Jean de Losne but liked the canal so much we turned back Canal de Bourgogne
2011 - Pont a Bar to Pont A Bar via  Canal Des Ardennes,Lateral a L'Aisne,L'Aisne a la Marne, Lateral a la Marne,De la Marne au Rhin, de L'Est ,Canal Des Ardennes. Plus a side trip to Charleville Mezieres over 500km and 200 locks Champange ring
2012 - Auxonne to Laroche Migennes via the River Saone , Canal du Centre ,Canal Lateral A Loire, Nivernais & L'Yonne Summer 2012
Cyprus 1997  
Bunkers & Underground things  
Upper Heyford  
Seatle 2000 Seattle 2000
Watermill Cottage Somerset House